This week, the Australian community was shocked with multiple stories about the abuse, torture and murder of autistic children. It was a hard week, with the usual responses from parents and service providers sympathising with the perpetrators, and using this as an opportunity to talk about services. Sparrow Rose Jones wrote an exceptional piece in response on Sparrow’s blog, Unstrange Mind

Autistic Family Collective, an Australian advocacy group I co-convene, called for a pause mid-week to regather and find our reserves. I contributed this piece to the blog:

You wake this morning to yet another news story about the torture and murder of an autistic child. This month has seen a constant barrage of reports of abuse, violence, seclusion, and bullying of autistic children and adults.

It is unbearable to know that this is but a small window in to the widespread violence against autistics.

It is unbearable to know the trauma that this violence creates for autistic people through their lives.

It is unbearable to see people excusing abuse, failing to empathise with the victim, and spinning these stories for their financial or political benefit.

For more of this letter, see Autistic Family Collective