I have been appreciating lately the quiet in our lives.

We are not quiet. Not even a little bit quiet. We’re neurodivergent in various overlapping ways, and for us that means constant running, singing, jumping, stimming, chatting, climbing, moving and creating.

But although my family are the opposite of quiet, we have made deliberate choices to make life around us quiet.

We recently moved out of the city, and now we can’t see or hear our neighbours and have freedom to roam and climb and squeal (and not wear clothes).

We do not attend school or extra-curricular activities, so we have slow days and freedom to explore and be ourselves.

We choose only occasional playdates and gatherings with family and friends, so we have space between stressful social gatherings and freedom to be uninhibited and uncensored more often.

Saying “no” to meeting a friend, enrolling in swimming classes, or going to school is difficult, especially in a world that prizes activity.

However, when life is quiet, we have freedom to create the noise, movement and energy we need, without life getting in the way with its own.


Have you created quiet in your life? Slowed down? Spaced out social commitments? 

Do you want to…?

One thought on “When life is quiet

  1. I’m glad to have grown up in the 70s/80s when kids weren’t over-scheduled to death. I don’t know how I would have handled the constant busy-ness, given that I’m on the Spectrum and other kids drove me nuts.

    As an adult, I love my quiet time and carefully choose who I want to hang out with. I take one dance class a week that keeps the anxiety at bay and that’s the limit of my socializing. 🙂


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