It has been quiet on this blog lately. I’m home full-time with my three children and so often when I get the urge to write about something, it’s not at a time I can write. Usually I catch snatches of writing time late at night but I’ve been focusing heavily on follow-up from meetings with the UN in Geneva for Autistic Family Collective. We have been working with other advocates to send 50+ cases of human rights violations against children in schools to the United Nations. The gravity of the abuses and the failure of our Education Departments to hold people accountable, and provide support and redress to children is very shameful.

We also recently went on a family caravanning holiday up the Coast of Queensland. We hoped that with the same environment to sleep and live in during the day, we might be able to manage a road trip and moving between locations with less stress. It was a really awesome time together, and we discovered some beautiful beaches where my children could catch the last warm swimming days and dance and dig by the water too. You’ll find some holiday photo spam on my instagram.

In the meantime, I have found pockets of writing space for some posts I am proud of over at Respectfully Connected.  Please have a read and let me know if you have any questions or comments. Also take a look at the work of the other contributors there. Respectfully Connected is a wonderful resource.

Take care,
❤ Briannon

Better is not a compliment


One thing I wish they told parentsA-great-shift-happens-when-we-are-open-to-exploring-our-own-sensory-emotional-cognitive-and-communication-differences.


#HowWeDo Respectful Parenting and Support


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