Briannon and babe
Briannon is babywearing one of her twins at the beach

I love seeing how other neurodiverse families and couples live and love. Your stories have given me courage to live my truth, and make choices for my family to be comfortable, supported and accommodated even when those choices are different to what society thinks we all need.

In 2016, I invited families to share their stories here on my blog and was honoured that some fabulous neurodivergent parents came forward and wrote about their families. You can read all of their stories here >  Neurodiverse families – our stories

You are welcome to send me your story any time. To find out how, keep reading…

When the narrative is so often about ‘living with’ neurodivergent people, and the hardship disability creates for parents, siblings and caregivers, our stories are a powerful counter-message.

Couples and families made up of neurodivergent people have important stories to share – about living together, acceptance of difference, healthy relationships, and accommodating people’s needs. About intergenerational diversity and family norms. About inclusion, culture and community.

I’m inviting you to share your story here by answering a few questions and sending me an image. I want to create a wellspring of stories to nourish other neurodiverse families, and show the world we exist, we have Pride, and we love and support one another in our own ways.

This is an invitation to share your story.  Hope you’ll get involved.

Bri  ❤

Who can participate?

Are you part of a relationship, or family with children, with more than one neurodivergent member? Or are there several neurodivergent people in your family of origin?

For example, you might be an autistic parent with an autistic child, a couple where one person is bipolar and one autistic, a family with dyslexia, OCD, and ADHD in the mix, perhaps you’re neurodivergent and grew up with a neurodivergent parent or sibling…

Please note – I want the perspective of neurodivergent people. Please don’t respond if you are a neurotypical family member, instead pass this on to the neurodivergent people in your family to answer in their own words.

How do I participate?

  • Answer the questions below and feel free to write (a little) more if you want.
  • Find a photo or two of your family or images that represent your family (but which dont identify any minors. Tricky, I know).
  • Send your replies and images to me via Facebook messenger or via email
  • Include your contact details so I can get in touch if I need to check anything out beforehand. Also tell me if you have a website, facebook page or social media anything you want me to tag or share.

What won’t be included?

  • Children’s names, images, or identifying information about children, and also other family members, unless I am confident they have consented. We can use pseudonyms for children and use photos with their faces obscured.
  • Anything sent by neurotypical parents or siblings that aren’t the words of neurodivergent family members.
  • Personal, humiliating, overly negative, or sensitive information about family members.
  • Anything that is not in the spirit of acceptance of difference and diversity i.e. this is not an opportunity to have a huge complain about your life (there are private spaces to do that, including by messaging me if you need).

– Questions –

  1. Hello! Thanks for participating. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your family, however you’d like to introduce yourselves.
  2. What do you value and love about your family?
  3. What does acceptance of neurodivergence look like in your home and extended family?
  4. How can others in the community support and include you and your family?
  5. How are families like ours contributing to the neurodiversity movement, disability Pride, culture, and community?
  6. What else do you want to tell people?

You don’t have to answer every question. Please keep your answers to each Question less than 200 words so that when we share your story it is able to read and understood by as many people as possible.  Thank you!!

8 thoughts on “Meet neurodiverse families from around the world

  1. Would a video with captions and transcription be okay? I want to convince my mom to do this (She has ADD; I’m autistic with anxiety and a bunch of other things; my sister has TBI with numerous TBI-induced MH and LDs; my brother has ADD and depression; my step father is managed schizophrenic; her mother is autistic but more relevantly has alzheimer’s) but getting her to sit down and write anything out is a bit of a chore because of the ADD. But I can usually convince her to let me film her.


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