I invite you to meet Melissa Murphy (Leflef) and their beautiful family who live in Ireland. I love what Melissa has to say here about how neurodivergent families support one another and are creating pride together. Thanks for sharing Melissa ❤
* Melissa blogs about about their experiences at autisticzebra and tweets @AutisticZebra *

Hello! Thanks for participating. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your family, however you’d like to introduce yourselves.

Hi, I’m an autistic mother to two autistic children. My husband also shows many autistic traits, but not as many as the rest of us and so is like a bridge between the neurodivergent and neurotypical worlds.

What do you value and love about your family?

We don’t always get along (who does?) but we all love each other deeply and are not afraid to show it. We also have very similar interests and so can chat about them all day long without boring each other.

What does acceptance of neurodivergence look like in your home and extended family?

We understand each other. We don’t mind when one of us meltsdown, and never take it personally, instead we support each other through it, as we do with all difficulties and challenges we face. We don’t try to force each other to be what we are not, or to act in Neurotypical ways.

How can others in the community support and include you and your family?

Often small things can make a big difference. Like, providing an email address as a contact instead of a phone number. Or not minding if we can’t show up to events. Or letting us take part in activities in our own unique ways, such as getting up for a run around halfway through!

How are families like ours contributing to the neurodiversity movement, disability Pride, culture, and community?

By showing us that it’s possible to have pride in who you are, by showing us that we’re not alone, by providing tips and strategies that might be helpful to us with issues we face that are similar to yours.

What else do you want to tell people?

I hope more people looking to learn about autism, listen to and seek out actually autistic people. We are the real experts on our neurology and, while allies have their place, their voices should not be listened to over ours.

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