Just a little note to let you know about my latest adventure, Way of the Cactus, a social enterprise by and for neurodivergent people.

Last year I developed a severe aversion to all products labelled ‘sensory’, ‘autism’ and ‘disability’ resources. What tipped me over? A string of cheap, plastic fidgets and sensory toys that broke, followed by an expensive crash mat that looked awful and split down the middle, and a special ‘calming singlet’ that turned out to be a tight, overpriced synthetic singlet.

I stopped buying anything disability-related for my family.

And yet, we did need items to stim with when we were stressed, some fun things to wriggle and move on, and comfortable clothes and PJs.

So I teamed up with my wife, an Occupational Therapist, and two neurodivergent friends with knowledge in art, good design and ethical product sourcing (Leia and Leif). We started to look for the best items in the world for neurodivergent people. Sensory treasures that are beautiful and high quality and made ethically.

When we had found a bunch of amazing items that we had tested and loved, we started to put them together in to a collection online to share with our community – wayofthecactus.com

We are really proud of our collection of organic cotton and sustainable timber items. They feel, look and smell lovely, and they make us feel good. We are hoping they do the same for our friends and other neurodivergent people around the world.

We launched Way of the Cactus this weekend with a 10% discount. Enter FOLLOWTHEWAY at checkout this weekend only to get your 10% discount.

It has been so lovely to be supported by our community in our efforts to find and bring them our favourite ethical sensory treasures.

To all of our neurodivergent friends who have supported us with product sourcing, with your children’s beautiful faces in photos, with testing products and our website, and with purchases this weekend – thank you ❤

I feel so grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life.

P.S. What does Way of the Cactus mean?

No one knows for certain. We’ve always been Way of the Cactus. It’s a mystery.

What do you think it might mean?