Hello!! I am deeply passionate about supporting, encouraging and fighting for neurodiverse families. And diverse families in general.

That passion starts at home with my own queer, neurodiverse family (you can catch snippets of our family life on instagram). We have grown and learned a lot together over the years and fought hard for our rights too.

Please get in touch if you would like to work together, ask me a question, need support, or just to say hello.


Briannon Lee
Briannon Lee

Briannon is a Queer, neurodivergent (hopeful) changemaker from Australia. A social worker with a biomedical science background, Briannon’s work has always been in social justice organisations with experience in non-profit management, innovation, research, community campaigns and direct support with marginalised people. She enjoys facilitation, consulting, co-creating and writing.

Briannon lives in Australia with her wife and three children. All of Briannon’s family, including herself, are autistic with various other disabilities/neurodivergence. Briannon is Director of community groups Autistic Families International and NeuroDiversity Connect and a writer at Respectfully Connected. She is also a small business owner – running an occupational rehabilitation company with her partner in life and business, Julie.

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