Acceptance is contagious

Every day more families with autistic children are taking them out of school, out of therapy and out of 'special needs' programs. In natural parenting, homeschool, unschool, and gentle parenting groups online, I meet more of us than ever before, finding our place away from the mainstream where we have been hurt and our children attempted to be moulded in ways we don't want.

Acceptance looks like freedom – Introducing Paula’s family

The thing I value the most about our family is that we are authentic, and completely ourselves with each other. There are no filters, or masks, or parts that we conceal when we are at home together. Sometimes this looks peaceful and still; sometimes loud, super stimmy, and joyful. And other times it can look angry, defiant and overwrought, or sad, anxious and uneasy. And that is completely ok. We are there to support each other, without shame or pressure to be something we are not. I hope our home will always be this safe place for our children.