Why we love our caravan holidays [video post]

My family are all autistic. We appreciate when sensory experiences in our environment are predictable. We enjoy the comforts and routines of home. A few of us are ADHD. We love new experiences and adventures. Two of us are adults with lots of positive travel experience. Three of us are children with less confidence travelling … Continue reading Why we love our caravan holidays

A rainbow LGBT pride heart

When the world is standing against you – Mickey McNulty

How do I learn to accept my child? Know that you love your child. Even if you don't understand everything about them, know that you love them and that is enough. Acceptance takes time. Continue to love and support your child as you always have. The more you learn about them and who they are, the easier it will be to accept them. It will stop looking like "that is my child who is Queer" and look more like "that is my child and I love them no matter what."

Queer and Autistic? Help us answer some Qs from Russian families

Hello wonderful community! My friend, Ayman Eckford from St Petersburg in Russia, got in touch recently and asked for help reaching out to our neuroqueer community to answer some questions for LGBTQIA+ autistic young people and their families. Can you help? Ayman has a few questions for you that will be shared here and also translated in to Russian … Continue reading Queer and Autistic? Help us answer some Qs from Russian families

The Real Experts

You'll find a piece of my writing, Querencia, in the new book from Autonomous Press, The Real Experts. In The Real Experts, Michelle Sutton has brought together writing from autistic authors to offer insight and support for families with autistic children, and also for educators, therapists, and other professionals. “Full of practical advice and transcendent ‘Aha!’ … Continue reading The Real Experts