Parenting Manifesto

Value yourself. Get more sleep and make it a priority. Cuddle your babies when you sleep too. One day they won’t be there to cuddle. Do these things when you can; even if it’s just some of the time. If you forget, forgive yourself (just as you forgive your children). Fear, guilt and perfection don’t go well with an adventurous, juicy life.

Come back home and rest…

Once, my family life looked like this: two working parents, one child in kindergarten, playgroup, soccer, music, and playdates with friends in-between. We were stressed, we were exhausted, we were constantly melting down, and we were taking medication to cope. We are all neurodivergent. Identifying and understanding our neurodivergence has created space for some significant changes in our family...

5 Reasons we love unschooling

New on Respectfully Connected: It is just over a year since we withdrew our eldest child from formal education after the stress became unbearable for him. I was tentative about our decision. As a successful ‘product’ of formal education, and a pretty mainstream gal, I had never considered homeschooling, let alone the child-lead unschooling adventure we have embarked on. But we did it because we had to, and over the past year I have discovered real joys and benefits of home educating my three neurodivergent children.

10 Autism Interventions for families embracing the neurodiversity paradigm

10 ‘Autism Interventions’ for Families Embracing the Neurodiversity Paradigm

This post on the Respectfully Connected blog has been popular with parents who want to support their autistic children to develop in a way that honours their own unique developmental trajectory... Guidelines for families with autistic children If families, caregivers and health professionals accept the neurodiversity paradigm, 'autism early intervention' looks very different. The target of intervention is … Continue reading 10 ‘Autism Interventions’ for Families Embracing the Neurodiversity Paradigm