Why we love our caravan holidays [video post]

My family are all autistic. We appreciate when sensory experiences in our environment are predictable. We enjoy the comforts and routines of home. A few of us are ADHD. We love new experiences and adventures. Two of us are adults with lots of positive travel experience. Three of us are children with less confidence travelling … Continue reading Why we love our caravan holidays

Our unschooly dyslexic reading journey [video post]

My family are a pretty neurodivergent bunch and that means that reading words in books isn't natural or enjoyable for all of us. We don't go to school or follow a curriculum at home, and we aren't involved in any therapy or education programs. When we started to notice one of our children might be … Continue reading Our unschooly dyslexic reading journey

I defend against screen shaming adults whining about young people's use of screens

Screen time, social media and neurodivergence.

I've been experiencing some discomfort lately as I unpack and try to put back together my thoughts and feelings about screen time and social media. I have always been extremely supportive of neurodivergent people's needs and rights to access tech for communication, friendships, and fun. I defend against screen shaming adults whining about young people's use of screens. And yet...

Come back home and rest…

Once, my family life looked like this: two working parents, one child in kindergarten, playgroup, soccer, music, and playdates with friends in-between. We were stressed, we were exhausted, we were constantly melting down, and we were taking medication to cope. We are all neurodivergent. Identifying and understanding our neurodivergence has created space for some significant changes in our family...

5 Reasons we love unschooling

New on Respectfully Connected: It is just over a year since we withdrew our eldest child from formal education after the stress became unbearable for him. I was tentative about our decision. As a successful ‘product’ of formal education, and a pretty mainstream gal, I had never considered homeschooling, let alone the child-lead unschooling adventure we have embarked on. But we did it because we had to, and over the past year I have discovered real joys and benefits of home educating my three neurodivergent children.