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I defend against screen shaming adults whining about young people's use of screens

Screen time, social media and neurodivergence.

I've been experiencing some discomfort lately as I unpack and try to put back together my thoughts and feelings about screen time and social media. I have always been extremely supportive of neurodivergent people's needs and rights to access tech for communication, friendships, and fun. I defend against screen shaming adults whining about young people's use of screens. And yet...

A new adventure: Way of the Cactus

Last year I developed a severe aversion to all products labelled 'sensory', 'autism' and 'disability' resources. What tipped me over? A string of cheap, plastic fidgets and sensory toys that broke, followed by an expensive crash mat that looked awful and split down the middle, and a special 'calming singlet' that turned out to be a tight, overpriced synthetic singlet....

Neurodivergent parents – You are enough! [Video post]

I often struggle with feelings of inadequacy as a parent, and with frustrations at the ways my neurodivergence bumps up against my children's needs and society's expectations of me as a mother. I've noticed recently in laughing with friends about our quirks, and reassuring and supporting others, that this feeling of inadequacy is common. In lieu of a blog post, I popped outside to try my hand at sending you a message via video.

Acceptance is contagious

Every day more families with autistic children are taking them out of school, out of therapy and out of 'special needs' programs. In natural parenting, homeschool, unschool, and gentle parenting groups online, I meet more of us than ever before, finding our place away from the mainstream where we have been hurt and our children attempted to be moulded in ways we don't want.