That sad and scary space between special interests

I never realise until I am there. Until I find myself feeling sick with disgust at my old interests and desperately seeking something to latch on to. If you know an autistic person, adult or child, know that the space between our passions is always terribly unsettling. Sometimes it feels bleak, for there is nothing to be excited about, nothing to dig in to. Sometimes it feels lonely, for we have lost our way of connecting with other humans. Sometimes it is scary, because we have taken away the only thing holding our mind tethered, keeping anxiety, or mania, or paranoia, or depression at bay.

Why we love our caravan holidays [video post]

My family are all autistic. We appreciate when sensory experiences in our environment are predictable. We enjoy the comforts and routines of home. A few of us are ADHD. We love new experiences and adventures. Two of us are adults with lots of positive travel experience. Three of us are children with less confidence travelling … Continue reading Why we love our caravan holidays

10 Autism Interventions for families embracing the neurodiversity paradigm

10 ‘Autism Interventions’ for Families Embracing the Neurodiversity Paradigm

This post on the Respectfully Connected blog has been popular with parents who want to support their autistic children to develop in a way that honours their own unique developmental trajectory... Guidelines for families with autistic children If families, caregivers and health professionals accept the neurodiversity paradigm, 'autism early intervention' looks very different. The target of intervention is … Continue reading 10 ‘Autism Interventions’ for Families Embracing the Neurodiversity Paradigm