Our unschooly dyslexic reading journey [video post]

My family are a pretty neurodivergent bunch and that means that reading words in books isn't natural or enjoyable for all of us. We don't go to school or follow a curriculum at home, and we aren't involved in any therapy or education programs. When we started to notice one of our children might be … Continue reading Our unschooly dyslexic reading journey

5 Reasons we love unschooling

New on Respectfully Connected: It is just over a year since we withdrew our eldest child from formal education after the stress became unbearable for him. I was tentative about our decision. As a successful ‘product’ of formal education, and a pretty mainstream gal, I had never considered homeschooling, let alone the child-lead unschooling adventure we have embarked on. But we did it because we had to, and over the past year I have discovered real joys and benefits of home educating my three neurodivergent children.