Why I permanently paused early intervention therapy for my children

Once upon a time, not very long ago at all, I saw my family's neurological, sensory, communication and developmental differences as 'issues' that needed interventions from clinicians. We were struggling daily as a family, and I thought that helping my children 'be OK in the world' would help us all. I did not believe that … Continue reading Why I permanently paused early intervention therapy for my children

Acceptance looks like freedom – Introducing Paula’s family

The thing I value the most about our family is that we are authentic, and completely ourselves with each other. There are no filters, or masks, or parts that we conceal when we are at home together. Sometimes this looks peaceful and still; sometimes loud, super stimmy, and joyful. And other times it can look angry, defiant and overwrought, or sad, anxious and uneasy. And that is completely ok. We are there to support each other, without shame or pressure to be something we are not. I hope our home will always be this safe place for our children.

5 Reasons we love unschooling

New on Respectfully Connected: It is just over a year since we withdrew our eldest child from formal education after the stress became unbearable for him. I was tentative about our decision. As a successful ‘product’ of formal education, and a pretty mainstream gal, I had never considered homeschooling, let alone the child-lead unschooling adventure we have embarked on. But we did it because we had to, and over the past year I have discovered real joys and benefits of home educating my three neurodivergent children.

Image description: a word meme on a textured grey background. Below a large quotation mark is text: “I see you because I have been you. Your story is my story. But there is more than one autism story. | Briannon Lee”

More than one autism story

Autistic Family Collective recently ran a social media campaign to present more positive views of parenting autistic children #MoreThanOneAutism Story I see you… I invite you to see me I see you, Sitting in the car outside the paediatrician’s office. In shock. Your child has been diagnosed with autism, by a health professional using a list … Continue reading More than one autism story


Have you ever been told that you are spoiling your children? Said yes to an extra ice cream? Been quick to forgive or overlook a child's accident or mistake? Twice this week, complete strangers have told me that my children are spoilt. They've told me in my children's presence. More at Respectfully Connected...